Do you know why you are training?

Are you just training to say you have been to the gym? Or are you actively challenging yourself to achieve an end goal?

The end goal could be being fitter, thinner, stronger and this determines the kind of training that you do and how you do it.

Here are a few tips to help with training for weight loss;

  • Set yourself a goal…If its weight loss be realistic. Set yourself a small goal first. When you have achieved that set another small goal. This keeps you motivated as you keep achieving what you set out to do. Small goals don’t feel as daunting or out of reach.
  • The type of training you should focus on to achieve weight loss is explosive interval activities. This means a high calorie burn over a shorter period of time; do an activity with rests in-between.
  • The activity itself needs to be really tough and the rest period shorter that the duration of activity; getting this balance right is important. Group training sessions are a good way to get the balance right.
  • Diet is a key element when looking at weight loss as your goal. There is very little point putting all the hard work into your exercise routine then spoiling it with the type of fuel you put in to your body. However, bear in mind the harder you train the more you can relax your diet.