Body Building verses Strength and conditioning.

Firstly being strong does not mean being physically big; Body builders are not strength athletes, they are body builders. Body building is a sport designed for an athlete to look symmetrical and defined whilst getting as physically big as their weight category will allow them.

Strength athletes are usually also power athletes and are more dynamic, mobile and supple whilst gaining a stronger skeletal structure.

Women training for strength will see greater strength gains before they see any development in size, this is due to women having a smaller amount of testosterone than the male counterparts.

Men training for strength will see the same developments as their female counterparts whilst also developing a denser more solid muscle mass.

Body builders will isolate individual muscles or muscle groups to ensure each muscle is worked individually to gain a symmetrical muscle shape. This type of training takes time and a lot of training for a very minimal calorie burn. They tend to lose their body fat leading to competition by diet and alongside monotonous cardio sessions, using fats as their main energy source.

Strength Athletes use whole body or compound movements; usually using the body as a whole for very small number of reps over 4-6 sets at absolute maximal effort. The combination of the effort level and the number of muscle groups used in one lift not only ensuring the whole of the body is being strengthened, but the calorie expenditure dramatically increases. This means more calories are burnt off during each session. Even whilst the athlete is recovering the body is still burning calories to help the muscles recuperate and grow.

As an example exercise: a body builder may perform 4 x 12 reps of seated dumbbell shoulder press, the strength trainer would perform 3 x 6 reps of a standing squat and overhead press. As a result of this the Body builder is only developing their shoulders and arms (with a little work from their core) whilst the strength trainer is exercising the whole body (too many muscles to mention).

In conclusion; Body building has its place and so does strength training. Hopefully you can see why KEPT Fit believe that strength training is a great whole body training workout, burning calories by the 100’s and strengthening muscles, joints and bones in the process. Be empowered by your strength, whilst being KEPT Fit.