Marketing Agency in Bolton Sponsor KeptFit Free Gym Sessions

We recently posted about the ethos of KeptFit gym and how, as a community focussed facility, we want to ensure we support those in the local area and make sure we are accessible to all, irrespective of their background.

With this in mind, we wanted to help the local community who have particularly suffered due to the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, we had a meeting with the marketing team at Bark Street Digital, to discuss these issues, and ways we can collaborate to help the local community throughout the pandemic. Bark Street Digital are working alongside ARC Costs and Legal Practice Support on a community sponsorship programme to provide funding for a number of projects based in Bolton.

Exercise is particularly important for physical and mental health, which is why it is essential that we all try to stay as active as possible. The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on everyone, with many not getting the exercise they need to keep fit and healthy.

During our sponsorship meeting, KeptFit suggested providing free gym sessions as a key means of providing accessible and regular physical activity for people in the local area. As part of the community sponsorship programme, we will be provide two free gym sessions per week for six weeks for those looking to get access to gym facilities, irrespective of their experience levels in fitness.

The sponsorship team have also agreed to fund a young athletes scholarship programme as soon as Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, and access to the gym can be reinstated.  Further information and criteria for application shall be provided in due course from the KeptFit team on this opportunity, which will be implemented to reflect our gym ethos of “training without fear of judgment or limitation”. This will provide full funding to the successful applicants to engage in regular training at the KeptFit gym, as well as have one-to-one support from the KeptFit team on a regular basis to facilitate athletic development and progress.

ARC Costs Director, Robert Collington and his wife, Olivia Collington both previously trained at the KeptFit Gym regularly prior to lockdown, and have described the gym as “an excellent community hub with great staff who have a wealth of experience in providing exercise classes for people from all backgrounds and ages.”

We are looking forward to collaborating with these three local businesses and, hopefully making a difference to the lives of local people during this pandemic.

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