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Let’s run!


   Starter running tips


Here are some tips that may help you to take the plunge and start running.

  • Pick a route that you think is comfortable and that you know. This will help you to know what’s coming next and you don’t suddenly find yourself running up a huge hill.
  • Start by using a combination of running and walking to judge how far you can run. Start off 1 minute walking and 2 minutes running then decrease the frequency of walking.
  • Try to run with a friend as you are more likely to go because someone is relying on you. You can chat, motivate each other and you will be more comfortable running together in an evening. Where running with a friend is not available you have a number of options; pick a small loop close to home starting and finishing at home and do repetitive laps of it. This will make sure you are never too far from home. Alternatively make a figure of 8 loop and have your home as the centre.
  • Take your phone with you so you can keep in touch with people or use it to listen to music. Music can help distract you and set a pace. Now you can get Apps for your phone that can set a pace and track distance without buying expensive watches.
  • Try and set yourself targets however small through time or distance. This ensures you constantly progress, trying to beat your previous lap time or gradually increase the loop to increase distance from home.

We mention loops a lot because we feel it generally is easier because as soon as you set off, every step after that brings you closer to the end. You also have the accomplishment of completing the run rather than if you were to run in a straight line to a point and turn back you are more likely to stop and then turn back at an earlier point.

You may not enjoy it at first but try it and you will surprise yourself achieving something you never thought you would.