Pritesh Patel – Kept Fit Member of the Month

Well done to November’s member of the month Pritesh Patel otherwise known as ‘Pe Pey’ (or PP)

‘Pe Pey’ is a great member and a joy to have in any class. He brings humour and a great tempo to every group training session we do. He has struggled through injuries and is now stronger than ever through a mix of PT, gym programming and mostly our strength session on a Tuesday night and he has even started building up his own gym group with many different training buddies.

He runs with the Sunday running group, he lifts, he chucks himself about and he gets involved in just about everything. He’s been a member since the beginning and is one of the elite few in our 100+club of members although more and more are joining him with a higher number of visits.

Well done and thank you ‘Pe Pey’ from all at Kept Fit

p.s This has nothing at all to do with him fixing our bike!!! Nothing………..??