Rob Collington – Kept Fit Member of the Month


Rob is partner to Olivia (November MOM) who’s a great role model to a lot of our younger members and Rob is with her a lot when he trains. Rob was very disappointed when he and Olivia didn’t receive MOM together in November, so here we go, well done Rob… you’re MOM (that’s not the only reason – we just wanted to make him sweat a bit ……)!

Rob is a great example of what you can do with a little help. With arms bigger than most people’s calves, Rob struggled with flexibility but has now realised that with greater flexibility comes greater power and just by taking a little guidance and a little push on just how hard he can work and how much stronger he is with just a little more range of motion he too is seeing, as much, if not greater gains than Olivia.

Training is not just about how strong or big you can make yourself but it’s about your all round ability as a person from flexibility to speed and brute strength to core strength. The more Rob is with us the more rounded (as an athlete) he is becoming.

Well done Rob.