Fiona Deighan – Kept Fit Member of the Month

Fiona, is great fun, she’s been coming for a few months now and has really committed to improving her fitness. She’s done a great variety of classes and being a Physio at the Bromley cross physiotherapy clinic  ( she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to health and fitness. Having her come to almost all of our classes at some point during each week is a real boost to us knowing she has put her trust in us to help us get her fitter.

She is a great member to have not only as a keen class goer but also on the social side having persuaded several of our other members to come to our Christmas party.

Since Fiona has been a member we have also trained her son Robbie, a keen footballer, and daughter Ellie a keen gymnast. When we say keen, what we mean is elite! Both Robbie and Ellie are excelling in their sports, something we are also helping them with in our boot camp and conditioning sessions and are looking forward to doing more of it in the future. We are also training her sister in law Wendy Hall and brother Craig and we’ve had a brief visit from her nephew Kyle. But there is one missing in the set that we think she needs to work on ……….

So all in all not only a great member for her own efforts but also the effort she encourages others to put in.

Well done Fiona, but also thank you from all at Kept Fit.