Julie Chippendale – Kept Fit Member of the Month

This Month’s member of the month (MoM) is one of Alex’s Personal Training clients which makes us really happy to see how we’ve helped her along the way………….

We are very proud to say this month’s (MoM) and Member of the Year (MoY) is Julie Chippendale.

Like most clients Julie has thrown her all in to everything we do but unlike some she has not wavered at all and has completely changed her lifestyle over the last 12 months whilst making a great commitment to keep it that way, and that’s why she’s our first ever  ‘’MoY’’.

Julie is constantly fighting against peer pressure whilst at the same time bullying more and more of her friends into following the trail she is  blazing. Her confidence has grown with her mobility and her dress size has dropped from tent to petite. Julie has lost over 3 stone since she has started and now she’s got her nutrition sorted its falling off her even quicker.

Yes she’s had help from our trainers, our PT’s and our nutrition coach and she will be the first to point this out, but all we do is ask her to do something – its Julie who does it, who puts the hard work in, who makes the sacrifices and has made a commitment to her new healthier, happier lifestyle.

Well done Julie

You’re a mega star!