Jack Scholfield – Kept Fit’s Member of the Month

”The Family” have done got it once again – this time it’s Jack Scholfield.

Jack, husband to Naomi Scholfield and son of Claire Didlock, both of whom have been previous winners, has finally achieved the title of member of the month.

Jack has shown everyone how wrong their preconceptions of him were. He started at Kept Fit as a personal training client – during this time he lost more weight than any other client and more than we think even he expected.

Jack and Naomi are now expecting their first child and although Naomi is still hitting the gym pretty regularly, their roles have completely reversed and Jack is now the driving force pushing them into the gym.  Once again, something no one expected.

So all it leaves for us to say is well done Jack on becoming August’s member of the month and to soon becoming a brand new daddy. Yey… it works……..