John Scott – Kept Fit Member of the Month


Scotty has been coming to Kept Fit since the New Year and last week hit his 3 month target so we thought amongst other things he deserves to be awarded the coveted member of the month award.

John has been coming into the gym, like most of our MOMs, 3-4 times a week but that’s not what qualifies him for this accolade.

What qualifies him is that he set himself two goals as he joined the gym. The first of those goals was to lose weight and a couple of weeks ago John told us that he had now lost 3 stone! He’s been having PT, coming to the classes, stopped the booze, started eating well and even taken up running. Which brings us to his second goal, not only is he looking to drop another 2 stone in the next 3 months but he’s signed up for various run races over the next few months ending with a marathon later in the year.

We are confident that John will achieve both of these 2 goals and I hope you will all join us in saying well done and good luck. If you see him in classes or in the running club please give him a little nod to say well done but also just remind him as pretty as she is ‘Stella’ isn’t his friend and never liked him anyway…….

Well done John
From all at Kept fit