Shavarn Toomata was one of the first members to join KEPT Fit back in early September, here’s her story so far….

I have been coming to KEPT Fit five or six days a week ever since it opened.  I’ve been coming here for over two months now and the results are amazing.  I have already lost 9 kilograms since being, 19 kilograms in total and that is what makes me want to come back every day.  I have been a big girl most of my life, never cared about my health or weight, but thankfully being here at KEPT Fit has completely changed my mindset and perspective to conquer the goals I set out for myself.  At first it was all about just losing weight but now I want to do more, like a triathlon or tough mudder.  With many thanks to the most friendly, welcoming and also very motivational trainers at KEPT Fit as I wouldn’t be where I am today, in a more healthier and positive state of mind!

This Girl Can! Shavarn has shown how strength and conditioning training can help you get fitter and lose weight at the same time if that is your goal.

Why not come down and book in for a taster session and see what Shavarn and others are doing at KEPT Fit. Just call Alex on 0773 611 2525 and arrange a date and time or contact us through @keptfit on Twitter or Facebook