Is the voice in your head a positive influence?

We all talk to ourselves throughout the day whether that’s your daily to do list or the difficult conversation you need to have at work; training is no exception.

Self talk needs to be affirmative and constructive to have a positive effect on your performance. Negative self talk can be a factor in being unsuccessful in your goals when the going gets tough. If you feel you use negative self talk i.e. ‘I have 2 more sets to complete, I am already struggling and I will never be able to do it’ try to think about your challenge as a series of components, breaking it down in to smaller targets to turn it in to achievable mini targets  i.e. ‘only 5 reps and then i have finished this set, perhaps have a short rest, then only one more set to go’. By changing how you view your challenge it doesn’t seem so far out of reach. Once you have the feeling of success your motivation levels begin to increase and you are more likely to use positive self talk.

Remember “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.” Henry Ford

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