Starting with whole body stability and technique work, through to toning and fat burning, to strength, power and energy sessions.
From the moment you join us you will be guided through three complementary Lifting Technique sessions to make sure you are ready for anything our trainers throw at you. These will help develop your technique and increase your 

confidence allowing us to push harder and ensure you are KEPT FIT. Why not check out our Class TIMETABLE and book a session of your choice today?


The base of your training cycle. Whole body stability and technique work to develop a strong, balanced base and core from which to start more progressive training. These sessions will include Pilates, yoga and calisthenics based core movements and holds. Basic lifts and running drills may also be included. It is a low intensity, high volume session usually on the easier side compared to our other 4 sessions.


Usually the third section in a training cycle. Increasing the body’s overall strength and stability, enabling you to lift confidently and securely and to the best of your ability.

Do not be afraid of lifting weights – forget the myths surrounding building muscle and bulk, this training cycle is all about increasing the bodies total function and therefore increasing metabolic rate and the amount of force the body can produce. These sessions are low in volume but extremely high in intensity and is on the moderate to high on the spectrum.


The final part of the training cycle – whole body fitness and maintenance.  Do not be fooled though, this is the toughest of our sessions.  It’s hard-hitting, quick and heavy – a mix of every other session. High reps, high speed and little rest. This is at the top end of our session spectrum with a moderate amount of volume but with high intensity.


The second in the cycle, a session designed to increase lean muscle and decrease fat which is what gives you the toned look. Using mid range repetitions with good weight and little rest these sessions are designed to fatigue all areas of the body. This is an intermediate session with high volume and moderate intensity.


The 4th element in the training cycle. These sessions will make you feel more powerful, dynamic, faster and full of energy. Including the Olympic lifts, short sprints, jumps, bounding and pounding as well as some whole body compound movements. It is intense but with plenty of rest to ensure maximal effort every time. These sessions are on the moderate scale of intensity but can sometimes include some complex and technical elements and so is on the middle to high end of the toughness spectrum.


 Stability          Lean          Power          Strength          Energy


As the name suggests, these sessions are specifically for new starters or regular members looking to improve technique of specific movements or training modalities. It’s a session tailored to its participants and can be at whatever level of intensity you chose. This class is designed to prepare you for our other classes and can be taken as often as you feel necessary until you feel comfortable to move into any of our FC5 or you can keep using these sessions in parallel to all others.


Running groups for beginners, moderate and experienced runners. Training includes speed work, distance, and hill work to each group’s levels. 0-5k, 5-10k and 10k+ groups are catered for on either Wednesday evening (beginners to moderate) and Sunday mornings for the more experienced runner.  Our running coaches are UK Athletics qualified with full insurance cover for all groups. Runs can be booked through this website if a member of the gym or through the Run Together website by looking for local runs in the Bolton area.


– Sports conditioning sessions for local teams or groups inclusive of sporting and corporate entities. These sessions are closed to these specific groups and are tailored to their wants and needs.
– Yoga and Pilates which are great for core stability, flexibility and mobility as well as mental health and wellness.
– Coaches choice including amongst other things:- Metcon Monday (high energy), Wobble leg Wednesday (leg day) and Fit body Friday (upper body). These are usually of intermediate intensity and are tailored to the participants of the group.
– Lifters which is a a group designated to the Olympic lifts.  The plan is to turn this group into the first British weight lifting club in Bolton. For more information follow the link to LIFTERS

Group training sessions – £7 per session for Basic or Non members

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