Functional Conditioning


We use lots of functional movements in our training sessions, offering varied levels of difficulty to be performed at differing levels of intensity depending on the workouts requirement and what your wants and needs are.

We start everyone at an the level suited to them and then you progress from there.

One of the fun things about functional Strength & Conditioning is that it’s constantly changing and adapting with your progressions. You’ll never do the same workout twice in a row, so you can kick ‘monotony’ good-bye as we adapt our workouts to the progressions your body makes by keeping your body guessing. If you are strong we challenge your balance, if you are fit we challenge your strength and if you are weak we challenge your resilience. Exercise can challenge you mentally as well as physically and your mental welfare is just as important to us as your physical wellbeing.

Don’t be put off no mater what your age, gender, race or orientation.

KEPT Fit is an accepting and all inclusive community of likeminded individuals. whose only desire is to see you do well.

There are many obstacles in life but exercise should not be one.

The concept of strength and conditioning or even working in a group can seem daunting or make people feel apprehensive but whether it’s big lifts, explosive movements or the misconception that weight training will lead to bulkiness, we will help you manage all these feelings.


Strength training will lead to the body’s overall function improving. It challenges the neuromuscular system as much as the musculoskeletal system and increases your overall metabolic rate meaning greater calorie burn through the body recruiting more muscle fibers rather than developing more and increasing a persons size. 

An example of other anxieties which new members often have are:

– they are worried about fitting in. This is simply not true as all types walk through our doors and our members are always accepting of each other as well as being supportive and competitive.

– not being fit enough to join the gym/classes. The levels of fitness and ability vary in every gym and is not something you need worry about at Kept Fit as being a small gym we are able to give different options for any exercise or routine for anyone who walks through our doors – our workouts are truly bespoke to you.


S & C aka strength and conditioning aims to target an individuals
needs as well as the needs of that individuals sport and preferred
position with the aim to increase the overall performance of that
athlete. However S & C has great benefits for everyone as it can
help with injury and fall prevention as well as the bodies aesthetics,
co ordination and overall performance. True S & C coaches and
teaches an individual to help improve there own body mechanics
and movements through periodised training. These periodised
training plans target postural and core developments as well as
increasing the body’s overall function. These plans target the bodies
balance and muscle mass, its strength, power and speed.
‘’Marginal gains’’, make small yet significant improvements can lead
to monumental results. Also known as the 1% factor.
Improve one thing, of one athlete and your whole team’s
performance has increased. Improve your whole team and you’ll be
unstoppable no matter what your sport is.
Weather your competing as an individual or a team we can work
with Both, ensuring you or your team are at your best for all
competition and peak at just the rite time.
Sessions are available for all ages from junior level as young as 8 to


As above we are able to provide personal periodised plans to ensure your physical and functional fitness increases and peaks ready for competition.

– strength based exercises won’t help endurance based activities such as running or triathlon. There’s a cycle most athletes go through, train,compete,injury,rest,train,compete,injury,rest – it may not be in that order but if we can add in strength training to help take out the injury regression all we get is development and progression. The mindset should be that strength training is AN ADDITION to help prevent injury and increase overall strength and therefore power and therefore speed.

 Our trainers are passionate about physical health as they are about
mental health and all have individual specialisms. This allows us to
find the perfect personal trainer for you whether you are looking for
weight loss, muscle gain, improved performance, or personal
wellbeing needs.
If you’ve plateud and need some variety or lack motivation and need
a kick up the bum, even if all you need is someone to hold your
hand and walk you through it we are here for you. Supportive, happy
and Playfull. You don’t realise how much fun exercise could be until
you’ve trained with us. Just check out our reviews. 
All our training starts with a free consultation to discuss how we can
help and is followed by a full Postural analysis, Biomechanical
assessment and Body statistic measurements

Prices start FROM £35
for individuals and £60
for groups.

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